Michel Temer

Fields growing soybeans for the global market have replaced dense rainforest along the Brazilian Amazon’s 'arc of deforestation.'

For illegal loggers in the Brazilian Amazon, ‘there is no fear of being punished’

Money for protecting the Brazilian Amazon is drying up, while big landowners along the region’s “arc of deforestation” are pushing the government to ease up on regulations. Both spell disaster in the battle to preserve the world’s largest tropical forest.

A fire burns at the National Museum of Brazil.

Massive fire devastates historic National Museum of Brazil

displaced venezuelan migrants at the brazilian border

Riot on Brazil-Venezuela border sends immigrants fleeing ahead of monetary reforms

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A Venezuelan woman shows her passport and identity card at the Pacaraima border control, Roraima state, Brazil, November 16, 2017.

Brazilian regional leaders seek to slow movement of refugees from Venezuela


Brazil’s Michel Temer confident he will ride out corruption scandal

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A demonstrator confronts riot police during a protest against Brazil's President Michel Temer in front of the Planalto Palace in Brasilia, Brazil, on May 18.

Brazil will not be outdone by Washington’s chaos

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Scandal, secret tapes, obstruction of justice, talk of impeachment — not in Washington, this time we’re talking about Brazil. President Michel Temer says he will not resign.

Demonstrators protest against Brazil's President Michel Temer in Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 17. The banner reads: "Out Temer."

Brazilians are outraged and talking impeachment again

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Little over eight months since they impeached their last president, now Brazil’s Michel Temer is facing demands for impeachment and new elections amid a scandal around alleged illicit payments to a jailed politician.

Senators vote on the the spending freeze in Brazil.

Brazil approves 20-year spending freeze amid protests


Brazil’s Senate approved a 20-year government spending freeze billed as the centerpiece of austerity reforms aimed at restoring economic health to the troubled Latin American giant.

Dilma Rousseff at one of the final days of her impeachment trial debate before senators voted her out of office.

Brazil’s impeached president: ‘I fought against human suffering, I battled inequality’


Senators voted overwhelmingly to remove Brazil’s first woman president from office. She denounced them as misogynists who toppled her unjustly after losing four fair elections.

Brazil could impeach Dilma Rousseff this week

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Dilma Rousseff makes her defense before Brazil’s Senate on Monday, before a final vote begins Tuesday.