Michel Aoun

Several damaged houses are shown heavily damaged with entire walls missing.

Severe floods devastate parts of Germany and Belgium

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Top of The World: Devastating floods across parts of western Germany and Belgium have left more than 120 people dead. And, Lebanon’s Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri has stepped down after failing to form a new government. Also, Cuba has agreed to temporarily lift some restrictions, following unprecedented protests.

Lebanese Prime Minister-Designate Saad Hariri is show with his hair slicked back and wearing a dark suit.

For 4th time, Hariri is back as PM in crisis-hit Lebanon

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A man is shown walking on the street with a white bandage around his head with security officers standing nearby.

Mourning and anger amid devastation after Beirut explosion; One-third of Afghanistan may have had COVID-19; 75-years since Hiroshima bombing

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Men sit around a table.

Lebanon: The lynchpin in Syria’s conflict

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Cars pass next to a poster depicting Saad Hariri, who has resigned as Lebanon's prime minister, in Beirut

Lebanon wants to know: Is our prime minister a prisoner?

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Over a million Syrians have fled their country and set up refugee camps in neighboring Lebanon.

After Trump’s ban, Lebanon renews calls to send back Syrian refugees


Lebanon has the highest concentration of Syrian refugees per capita in the world. Just a few days after Donald Trump’s executive order, Lebanese President Michel Aoun renewed calls for Syrians to be repatriated.