Martin Luther King Jr.


For many US towns and cities, deciding which streets to name after MLK reflects his unfinished work


For some communities, the drive to name public spaces in King’s name has taken years as well as heated debates, boycotts, petition drives, marches and even litigation.

Two months previously at Ebenezer Baptist Church, on Feb. 4, 1968, King gave his famous “Drum Major” sermon. At his widow's request, King eulogized himself, with a recording of the “Drum Major” sermon played at the funeral.

Laying an American saint to rest

Vitali Shkliarov

Meet the man who volunteered for Obama, worked for Bernie and is now consulting Putin’s opponent

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President Donald Trump visits the Civil Rights Museum in Jackson, Mississippi, Dec. 9, 2017.

Trump attends opening of Mississippi civil rights museum, but African American leaders stay away in protest

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Martin Luther King Jr.

50 years ago, MLK spoke out against Vietnam. His words are just as relevant today.

A pro-democracy protester carries a yellow umbrella, symbol of the Occupy Central civil disobedience movement, while gathering with other protesters at Mong Kok shopping district in Hong Kong on November 27, 2014.

Hong Kong’s leaderless protests may mark a new evolution in leadership


Just who runs protests in places like Kiev and Hong Kong? It’s not an easy question to answer, but that doesn’t mean the protest movements in those places lack energy or direction. In fact, their loose structure may be a new model for political organization.

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Music heard on the air for January 20, 2014

Music Heard on Air

These are the tracks played between segments on The World for January 20, 2014.

President Obama formally sworn in for second term, lays out ambitious agenda

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President Barack Obama intends to address climate change, gay rights, immigration reform and a whole host of other issues in his second term. He laid them out in a 20-minute inaugural address that surprised many — and delighted many of his fellow Democrats.

U.S. Embassy in France makes outreach to minority communities a top priority

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Since 9/11, outreach to Muslim communities around the world has been a U.S. diplomatic priority. Perhaps nowhere else is that more in display than in France, where Ambassador Charles Rivkin has made visiting the largely minority suburbs a major focus of his public diplomacy.

Arts advocate critical of Obama’s Turnaround Arts Initiative for select U.S. schools

Arts, Culture & Media

President Barack Obama’s administration rolled out a new program that seeks to turn around underperforming schools by integrating the arts into the core curriculum of each school. But a former federal education official and arts advocate said it’s the wrong approach to funding arts education.