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The fictional film TRUE LIES featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis bears an uncanny resemblance to a real case of some British police officers who stand accused of deceiving and having sexual relationiships with women while working undercov

Here’s what happens when a spy sleeps with his targets


This is the story of Bob and Jacqui — Bob Lambert was a British police spy who worked in counterterrorism and Jacqui fell in love with the man she thought was a Greenpeace activist. Now, decades later, their relationship is at the center of a lawsuit over “rape by the state.”

U.S. actor George Clooney smiles as he arrives on the red carpet for the premiere of "Gravity" at the 70th Venice Film Festival in Venice August 28, 2013. Clooney and Sandra Bullock star in Alfonso Cuaron movie "Gravity" which debuts at the festival.

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