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US President Donald Trump stands amid microphones outside

How Trump was impeached: A timeline

Trump impeachment

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry into US President Donald Trump in late September. This timeline tracks how the investigation is proceeding.

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New testimony, transcripts, paint fuller picture of quid pro quo

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Key moments in the impeachment inquiry

Trump impeachment
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US diplomat thought it was ‘crazy’ to withhold Ukraine aid: texts

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After 5 years of conflict, Ukraine’s barrier to peace is still ‘Russia’s political will’

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Russian President Vladimir Putin stands on a stage surrounded by others

As Ukraine’s presidential election approaches, the Kremlin is all the more comfortable in Crimea

In March 2014, Russia’s “reacquisition” of Crimea operated more like an invasion, depending on who you ask. Now, five years later, Putin appears as comfortable as ever in Crimea while Ukrainians continue to struggle against Russian domination in the region.

A Ukrainian service member loads magazines at his position on the front line in the government-held town of Avdiyivka

Trump cozying up to Russia? Not in Ukraine.


The United States’ new special envoy to Ukraine says Washington is considering arming Ukraine with defensive weapons to help the country combat Moscow-backed separatists.

As Syrian Conflict Enters New Phase, Possibilities for a U.S. Intervention

In Syria, the on-going civil conflict pitting President Bashar al-Assad against anti-regime rebels has clearly entered a new phase. White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters on Tuesday the use of chemical weapons undoubtedly required a U.S. response. “We cannot allow this kind of violation of an international norm with all the attendant grave […]

As Deaths Rise to More Than 500, A Look At Next Steps for Egypt, U.S.-Mideast Relations

The situation in Egypt continues to unravel as security forces and pro-Morsi supporters engage in deadly clashes around the country. As of Thursday morning, the death toll around the country reached 525 and the number of injured reached more than 3,000, the Associated Press reported. “The United States strongly condemns the steps that have been […]

Angered Karzai walks away from peace talks with United States, Taliban

Those hoping for a peaceful agreement to the long-standing conflict between the United States and Afghanistan on one side and the Taliban were disappointed Wednesday after Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai announced his government’s withdrawal from the talks.