Kevin Sack

An unidentified Filipino man who sold his kidney for a transplant shows his scar while cooking at his home in a slum of Manila.

How Costa Rica became the epicenter of the black market in kidneys


A year-long investigation by the New York Times shows the huge unmet need for kidney transplants across the world, and how Costa Rica has become a key place for people willing to buy themselves off of massive waiting lists.

Irene floods Philadelphia, New Jersey and Vermont


Remembering the Atlanta Olympics in the Wake of Boston Marathon Bombing


Irene Leaves Cities Flooded In Its Wake

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Shortage of lethal injection drug sees prisons scrambling

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Recession impacts government-funded treatments for HIV and AIDS

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Doctor-Owned Hospital Gives Big Bucks to Democrats

Global Politics

One of the most expensive health-care markets in the country, Texas’ Doctors Hospital at Renaissance, is also one of the largest campaign contributors to Senate Democrats. The Takeaway talks to Kevin Sack, a National Correspondent for The New York Times.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Entire Health Care Law

Conflict & Justice

Another judge has struck down the Obama administration’s sweeping health care reform law. Todd Zwillich, Takeaway Washington correspondent helps to clarify the latest.