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Jon Huntsman: ‘Stakes are high’ for US-China relationship

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Former US Ambassador Jon Huntsman speaks with The World’s Marco Werman about the deterioration of relations between China and the US. 

Ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr. is shown in a button down shirt sitting across from Marco Werman who is wearing glasses.

Ambassador Huntsman: US-Russia estrangement ‘has gone on too long’

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Donald Trump in Reno

Republican leaders are demanding to replace Donald Trump ‘immediately’

Election 2016
A second-grader leads her class in a Chinese exercise at Santa Clara Elementary School in southern Utah.

Utah bets big on foreign language learning, but not everyone is on board


VIDEO: Romney cruises to victory in New Hampshire primary; Paul takes second

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VIDEO: New Hampshire polls open; first votes cast

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It’s a New Hampshire tradition. Just after midnight on New Hampshire primary day, a few voters gather in the small hamlet of Dixville Notch to cast the first votes of the election. This year, Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman each got two votes. Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul each had a vote and President Barack Obama had three votes.

Voters, candidates gearing up for Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary

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On Tuesday, Republicans will have a chance to vote in the second electoral contest of the 2012 GOP Presidential primary season. Mitt Romney has a commanding lead, but there are signs of a lack of enthusiasm among voters.

VIDEO: Michelle Bachmann drops out of GOP presidential primary; Perry stays in

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After coming in a distant sixth in the Iowa Caucuses Tuesday night, Michelle Bachmann announced Wednesday that she was dropping out of the race to be the Republican presidential nominee.

After hours of delays, Romney earns 8-vote victory over Santorum

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A record number of Iowan, more than 120,000, turned out for the Republican caucuses Tuesday night and by the narrowest of margins shoved Mitt Romney out the door in the lead for the race to be the GOP presidential nominee. He came in first, just ahead of Rick Santorum.

Iowa Caucuses set tonight to kick off 2012 election season

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At 7 p.m. tonight, Iowa voters will head to town halls and public buildings to register their support for Republican presidential candidates in the Iowa Caucuses. They’ll listen to speeches and then cast a vote in a cookie tin or box, declaring their support for one of the seven GOP candidates seeking their support.