Jeremy Corbyn

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson is shown standing at a lecturn with a microphone and several parliamentary members sitting behind him.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson wins vote on Brexit deal in time for Christmas


Prime Minister Boris Johnson won approval for his Brexit deal in parliament Friday, the first step toward fulfilling his election pledge to deliver Britain’s departure from the European Union by Jan. 31 after his landslide victory.

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson is shown walking down a hallway with staff applauding on either side.

Britain speeds toward Brexit as Johnson wins large majority in election

A man is shown wearing a red and white Santa Claus hat and standing next to a white sign with the words 'polling station' printed on it.

United Kingdom votes to decide the fate of Brexit, again

Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is shown holding a white piece of paper off to his side with red lettering.

Labour leader makes Brexit offensive ahead of UK election showdown

Boris Johnson is shown walking through a brick doorway wearing a blue suit.

Britain’s new leader Boris Johnson vows to get Brexit done

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Donald Trump is shown standing among more than a dozen of the Royal honor guard dressed in traditional red uniforms and tall black hats.

Donald Trump welcomed to Buckingham Palace by Queen Elizabeth

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Britain rolled out the royal red carpet for Donald Trump on Monday but the pomp, pageantry and banquet with Queen Elizabeth looked set to be overshadowed by the US President’s views on Brexit, the UK’s next leader and a row over China’s Huawei.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May is shown in the middle of a group of three men, all wearing dark suits.

No deal beckons: EU presses May on Brexit deal

French President Emmanuel Macron warned Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday that Britain would face a disorderly departure from the European Union if she fails to get parliamentary approval for her deal on the third attempt next week.

British Prime Minister Theresa May are seen sitting across from Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in Parliament.

Search on for Brexit consensus after May’s crushing defeat

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Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday will try to forge consensus in parliament on a Brexit divorce agreement after the crushing defeat of her own deal left Britain’s exit from the European Union in disarray 10 weeks before it is due to leave.

Prime Minister Theresa May sits down in Parliament with a grimace on her face

British lawmakers reject Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal

British lawmakers defeated Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit divorce deal by a crushing margin on Tuesday, triggering political upheaval that could lead to a disorderly exit from the EU or even to a reversal of the 2016 decision to leave.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May is shown wearing a grey scarf and blue overcoat with a binder in her left hand.

Britain’s May faces defeat in parliament over Brexit plan

Prime Minister Theresa May faced the prospect of defeat in a historic vote on her Brexit deal in parliament on Tuesday, potentially leaving Britain in limbo about the biggest political and economic change for the country in decades.