Janet Yellen

Janet Yellen is shown in a close up photograph speaking with her left hand raised palm up.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen urges minimum global corporate income tax

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Top of The World: In her first major address as US treasury secretary, Janet Yellen said the Biden administration will work with the Group of 20 countries to set up a minimum global corporate income tax. And, North Korea is skipping the delayed Tokyo Summer Olympics due to COVID-19 concerns. Also, Greenlanders head to the polls on Tuesday in an early parliamentary election with vast geopolitical and environmental consequences.

US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid gathers with other Democratic Party senate members and Washington DC Mayor Vincent Gray (L) on the steps of the US Capitol.

The political chaos in Washington is creating jitters overseas

Janet Yellen appears to have open path to leadership of Federal Reserve

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Summers Withdraws from Race to Lead Federal Reserve

Debate picks up over two leading contenders for Federal Reserve chairmanship

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