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New Yorker contributor Adam Gopnik reflects on Colorado shooting

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One week after the Colorado shooting, Adam Gopnik takes a look back at what happened and what needs to change. Though it’s impossible to say that violence in American pop culture causes mass murdering, Gopnik says, the two are connected. Has the cost of movie violence gotten too high?

Colorado shooter labeled as terrorist by some, too early to tell for others

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VIDEO: Gunman kills 12 people, injures many in Colorado shooting

After a Spate of Mass Shootings, Oak Creek Victims Reflect on the Year

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The End of US Dual Ocean Navy Defense?

Congress and Franklin Roosevelt’s administration passed the Two-Ocean Navy Act in 1940, during World War II. Since then, the nation’s domestic military defense has been based on a simultaneous naval defense on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. But with the announcement Thursday of an eight percent decrease in U.S. military spending, there was also the […]