Iván Duque

Friends and family of Nicolas Guerrero lit candles near the spot where he was killed during a protest

Families seek justice for youth killed while protesting last year


Distraught families are trying to raise awareness and seek justice after their children were killed while protesting proposed tax hikes in Colombia last year. Human rights groups say police killed dozens of youth from working-class areas.

Police officers with guns drawn patrol the streets of Haiti

Haitian police: Foreign hit squad killed President Moïse

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A police officer is shown wearing all black riot gear and face shield while throwing a stun grenade.

UN human rights office ‘deeply alarmed’ over police violence in Colombia

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A soldier on patrol in a neighborhood with a boat on the street.

‘The way they silence us is by killing us’: Armed conflict returns to Colombia’s port city of Buenaventura 

US Capitol police with guns drawn stand near a barricaded door as members of a mob try to break into the House Chamber in Washington.

The world reacts to chaotic rampage at the US Capitol; China calls out US on ‘hypocrisy’; Biden victory confirmed by Congress

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Jose Albeiro Camayo is show in a close-up photograph wearing a red beret.

Photos: Colombia’s Indigenous Guard, defenders of land, the environment and their own lives

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Unions, students and ethnic groups have been protesting for weeks in Bogotá over President Ivan Duque’s social and economic policies. In this photo essay, see the demonstrators joined by Colombia’s Indigenous Guard as they mark a third national strike with marches, chants and dancing to demand their rights.

People bang on pots and pans in front of white truck

Kitchenware cacophony: How ‘cacerolazos’ became the symbol of Colombia’s anti-government protests

The banging of pots, pans, forks, spatulas, whatever was at hand, began in a small neighborhood in Bogotá and quickly spread like wildfire. The phenomenon grew to define the anti-government protests in Colombia, and sent a unified message: We will not be silenced.

Protesters with signs stand in front of a Starbucks storefront.

Low coffee prices are starving farmers. Can a cartel fix it?

The price for coffee beans is half what it was in 2014 and some farmers in coffee-producing countries say they need a cartel to protect them from rock-bottom prices.

A group of FARC soldiers stand together reading from a paper.

Colombia’s peace process under stress: 6 essential reads

Conflict & Justice

Colombia could be heading for “a new armed struggle.” How did this happen? These six stories outline Colombia’s complicated peace process.

A man walks in front of a banner with the words FARC

9 Colombian rebel dissidents killed in bombing raid, president says

Nine FARC dissidents were killed in a bombing raid in southern Colombia, the first since former leaders of the group announced a new offensive this week.