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A line of vehicles wait to cross the Canadian border in view of a Canadian flag made of flowers

As Canada border reopens to Americans, US restrictions leave many confused


Canada has reopened it border to Americans with negative COVID-19 test, ahead of opening up to other countries. But many feel shafted by the US’ decision not to reciprocate, and US rules and restrictions have left some people confused.

An engraving inside Peace Arch pays homage to the historically close relationship between the US and Canada

Families separated by US-Canadian COVID border restrictions find reprieve in Peace Arch Park

Unauthorized immigrants  at a rally in Fresno, Calif., back in 2009 -- still waiting for Congress and President Obama to take action on an overhaul to immigration law.

As the chance for comprehensive reform fades, DREAMers face a tough choice

Global Politics

Comprehensive immigration reform has run up against hurdles in the past

Conflict & Justice

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Border Security

Conflict & Justice

Should Immigration Reform Be Comprehensive?

Conflict & Justice

President Obama has spoken a lot about the need for “comprehensive” immigration reform. That means taking on a lot: Some argue, too much to take on at once, especially when the parties agree on small pieces of the immigration debate.

WTO Showdown

Agriculture is currently the biggest stumbling block in World Trade Organization negotiations. Edward Alden, Washington correspondent for the Financial Times of London, explains the implications to host Steve Curwood.

The Right to Refuse?

The United States is threatening the European Union with a World Trade Organization case over its exclusion of genetically-modified products. Host Steve Curwood talks with Financial Times of London reporter Edward Alden about the dispute.

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NAFTA turns fifteen

Arts, Culture & Media

Edward Alden, a U.S. trade policy expert and the Bernard L. Schwartz Senior Fellow at The Council on Foreign Relations, discusses NAFTA’s past, present and future with The Takeaway.