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Hajia Bilkisu Yusuf sits with former first lady, Laura Bush, at the National Center for Women's Development in Abuja, Nigeria, January 2006.

Lost in the Hajj stampede was a pioneering journalist who united Christians and Muslims


Among those killed in the crush of the Hajj crowd in Mina, Saudi Arabia, last week was a woman beloved in Nigeria and beyond. Hajiya Bilkisu Yusuf, a pioneering journalist and activist, broke down barriers in a patriarchal society.

These former members of the insurgent group Boko Haram say they've escaped and turned themselves in to Chadian authorities. The army of Chad has intervened in northern Nigeria against the Islamist group.

Nigeria’s army may finally have Boko Haram on the run

The city of Jos

Boko Haram, true or not, is trying to portray itself as the protector of Muslims in Nigeria

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