Anders Behring Breivik

A swastika lights up the night at the Ulysses, Pennsylvania, home of Daniel Burnside, a white supremacist Odinist who is raising his seven children in the religion.

White supremacists are killing in the name of an ancient Nordic religion


In at least six cases since 2001, professed Odinists have been convicted of plotting, or pulling off, domestic terrorism attacks, according to a review by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting.

Multiculturalism failed, say European leaders

Ole Martin Juul Slyngstadli on Utoya Island five years after the Norway shootings. He says the biggest victory for survivors of the attack like him is that the summer camp remains open and a new crop of kids is arriving next month.

Your answer to mass shootings is to get bigger guns. To me that’s really strange.


Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik convicted, sentenced for 77 murders

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Anders Breivik influenced by anti-Muslim bloggers

Norway responds to Glenn Beck remark

Beck referred to the Labor Party youth camp attacked by a gunman as ‘a little like the Hitler Youth.’

Anders Breivik and the Norway Justice System

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As Anders Breivik now enters the prison system, the possibility remains – however remote – that he will be released in the future. Host Marco Werman talks with Thomas Ugelvik from the University of Oslo about justice – Norway style.

Anders Breivik Receives Maximum Sentence for Mass Killing in Norway

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Anders Breivik has been given the maximum sentence for his crimes – 21 years. Host Marco Werman talks with Christin Bjelland of a group representing survivors and the families of those affected by Breivik’s attacks.

Families of Victims Stage Walkout in Breivik Trial

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A large group of survivors and victims’ families walked out of court Friday in Olso, as the self-confessed killer, Anders Behring Breivik demanded to be set free.

Norwegians Defy Mass Killer Breivik With Peace Song

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Some 40,000 people have gathered on an Oslo square to sing a popular peace song which mass killer Anders Behring Breivik condemned at his trial.