Hong Kong protests

A protester's signs urged Hong Kong citizens to "wake up" and join demonstrations, because "Beijing is not trustworthy, and democracy is a broken dream".

Hong Kong’s leader offers to meet protesters, but refuses to resign

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They want him out. Thousands of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong have been camping in the streets around the clock for five days, demanding that Hong Kong's chief executive, CY Leung, step down. They went so far as to set a deadline for him to step down: midnight on Thursday evening. Instead, Leung has offered to negotiate with […]

Protesters stand on a bridge as they block the main street to the financial Central district outside of the government headquarters building in Hong Kong on September 30, 2014.

In central Hong Kong, the protest movement keeps growing

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A Chinese national flag, at center, flies upside down on September 29, 2014. Chinese living in mainland China know very little of the pro-democracy protests taking place in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has grabbed headlines around the world — except in Beijing