Viruses at the Movies

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Radiation used to be Hollywood’s go-to plot device. Now, viruses explain everything from vampires to the zombie apocalypse — but that’s not what really scares public health experts.

Walter Odong is a survivor of one of the first major ebola epidemics- which tore through northern Uganda in 2000.

There’s a new Ebola vaccine — but the fight is far from over

Men walk by a mural that reads "Get the hell of Liberia, Ebola! And don't come back" in Monrovia, Liberia, April 1, 2016.

Ebola is over. Now the US wants a group of West African immigrants to go home.

Woman sitting at desk while on phone, with computer screen behind

Black and Muslim, some African immigrants feel the brunt of Trump’s immigration plans

A doctor in protective clothing in the Ebola Training Academy in Freetown, Sierra Leone, on Dec. 16, 2014.

A new Ebola vaccine may be ‘up to 100 percent effective’

The blood of a survivor of the Ebola virus is extracted as part of a study conducted at Liberia's John F. Kennedy Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia in June.

Ebola survivors struggle with long-term effects of the virus


The Ebola epidemic in West Africa is officially over, but thousands of survivors are still experiencing health problems, including blindness, musculoskeletal pain and, in some cases, have remnants of the Ebola virus in bodily fluids.

The blood of a survivor of the Ebola virus is extracted as part of a study launched at Liberia's John F. Kennedy Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia, June 17, 2015.

West Africa is Ebola-free. Or is it?


Liberia is Ebola-free, says the World Health Organization. But experts say that the problem of Ebola is far from over.

Health workers rest outside a quarantine zone at a Red Cross facility in the town of Koidu, Kono district in Eastern Sierra Leone December 19, 2014. Sierra Leone, neighbouring Guinea and Liberia was at the heart of the world's worst recorded outbreak of E

The day so many Guineans were waiting for is finally here


After two years of grappling with a deadly disease, Guineans are celebrating. The World Health Organization has announced that the country is free of Ebola virus transmission.

Healthcare workers were some of the hardest hit during Sierra Leone's Ebola epidemic. The names of 200 of those who died will be read at a vigil in Freetown. (Photo of hospital staff in Freetown at the height of the outbreak).

Counting down to an Ebola-free future in Sierra Leone


Sierra Leone is counting down to an Ebola-free future: November 7 marks the day the country will celebrate being officially declared free of the disease.

Vanessa Kerry

Like her father, Vanessa Kerry is reporting for duty. Her mission: Preventing the next outbreak.


Kerry helps run a program that is trying to address the lack of skilled doctors and nurses in several African countries.