Madai Zamora, a former DACA recipient, now lives with her husband in San Luis Potosí in central Mexico.

These DACA recipients hit a ceiling in the US. So they left.


A small but growing global community of people who once had DACA are giving up on a country that has struggled to pass comprehensive immigration reform for a generation. They’re moving abroad instead.

A little girl looks into a vodun convent in Togo.

Vodun children in Togo must dedicate their lives to the convent

Senegal's Orchestra Baobab on stage

The return of Senegal’s Orchestra Baobab

Fabric from Vlisco

Not just beautiful: Infused with rich culture and history


JFK’s Peace Corps architect recalls one trip where he felt stalked by history

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Language and culture of New Orleans embodied in one food: gumbo

Arts, Culture & Media

New Orleans if a fusion of cultures, a little bit French, a little bit Spanish, a little bit Caribbean and a little bit Cajun. Perhaps nothing embodies that more than gumbo, which is literally a fusion of foods and flavors. But even the word gumbo is a bit of a fusion.

My Bout with Malaria

In 1987, fresh off a three year service tour in the Peace Corps, I came down with Malaria. I found myself on all fours, vomiting in the shower. And I had medicine injected into my buttock that looked like the color of unhealthy urine.

The Late Ray Manzarek’s Influence Around the Globe

Arts, Culture & Media

Ray Manzarek, keyboard player and founding member of the 60s rock band The Doors, has died aged 74. Marco Werman gives Manzarek a send-off with some of the sounds he helped influence from Togo, Nigeria and Cuba.

Elikeh: Afropop Band Raises Awareness for Togo

Conflict & Justice

The death of the US ambassador and his colleagues in Libya this week was a reminder of how awash that country is in weapons. After the uprising there, some of them ended up in neighboring Mali. Al-Qaeda-linked militants have operatives in Mali and across the region. And the Libyan guns fed their movement. And recently, […]

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Togo soccer players created fake team


Two members of Togo’s football federation are in trouble for faking a recent soccer match against Bahrain. They sent a group of unknown players to the match. Anchor Lisa Mullins finds out more from Gabriele Marcotti.