Man in protective gear points large gun at man holding a toddler, at close range. Toddler is screaming.

An iconic image challenged the politics of Cuban Americans


Photographer Alan Díaz died on Tuesday at age 71. His 2000 image of the Cuban boy Elián González being taken by force from his American relatives endures.

Girl in room with Mother's Day balloon in front of her face

This mother, already deported, doesn’t know if she’ll ever be reunited with the daughter taken from her at the US border

Three women on stage gesticulating, one with blackface pounding her chest

A Miami theater group has a change of heart over blackface

People take photos with there phones of man standing in middle of a crowd

In the diaspora, Colombia’s presidential election is as much about the past as the future

Global Politics
Young girl walking on lawn, holding teddy bears

For this mother and daughter, separated a year ago at the southern border, Trump’s ‘zero-tolerance’ policy isn’t new


Carl Hiaasen’s Sunshine Noir

Arts, Culture & Media

Like all great satirists, Carl Hiaasen’s humor writing comes from a deep well of anger. He says he stays in South Florida, despite its corruption, because it’s worth fighting for.

Blurry image of woman in pink hodded sweatshirt standing in front of window, with reflection of trees

With smuggling costs skyrocketing, parents balance risk and debt for their children’s future


The cost of smuggling has gone up in the last year — sharply. But, for the safety of their children, parents get references, take out loans and make the best smuggling decision they can.

Two men hug in room with many people around them

An immigrant detainee is sent over 1,000 miles away from his family and lawyer — and fights to return


Prominent immigrant advocate Ravi Ragbir was detained in New York City, but agents sent him to Florida after saying that they would deport him. A judge told the government to bring him back while his case is being heard.

A man leans on a colorfully painted wall and looks over his right shoulder.

On his commute to campus he could soon risk a ticket — and deportation


His DACA protection and driver’s license are expiring in May, so Jasiel López worries that his drive to school could put him in the path of law enforcement.

Magali Torres

For one immigrant in Florida, a DACA fix would mean ‘peace of mind’


Magali Torres, who lives in Florida and is originally from Mexico, is closely watching whether Congress and the White House can agree on a path that will allow her to continue to work legally in the US and worry less about deportation.