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Politics with Amy Walter: How California is Preparing for the General Election During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a serious toll on not only our health, but on the economic well-being of cities and states across the country. As leaders grapple with how best protect the health of their constituents in addition to mitigating the economic fall out caused by stay-at-home orders, preparation for future elections is in front of mind. Recently, California became the first state to modify its plans for the general election after Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order that said the state’s 20 million-plus registered voters would receive ballots in the mail. California Secretary of State Alex Padilla explains the logistics behind getting ballots to voters and what precautions will be taken for those who need to vote in person. John Myers, the Sacramento Bureau Chief of the Los Angeles Times, shares why it’s so easy to vote absentee in the state. David Wasserman, House editor for The Cook Political Report, dissects what a primarily vote-by-mail election looks like and uses the special election in the state’s 25th District as a case study. 

In April, Wisconsin held its primary and local elections in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Many voters who did not receive their absentee ballots in time had to choose between risking their health to vote in person or not voting at all. This week, the state’s Supreme Court struck down the stay-at-home order signed by Democratic Governor Tony Evers in March. Amy shares her thoughts on the partial reopening.

Heather Long, economics correspondent at The Washington Post, and Betsey Stevenson, Professor of Public Policy and Economics at the University of Michigan, explain what the economic downturn means for small businesses and the American middle class long-term. 

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“To Me, This Is The Right Thing To Do”: California Governor Halts State’s Executions

“To Me, This Is The Right Thing To Do”: California Governor Halts State’s Executions

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced a moratorium on executions in the state, which holds one quarter of the nation’s death row inmates. 

Ohio Seeks Lethal Injection Alternatives After Ruling From Federal Judge

For years now, lethal injection has been a major point of contention in Ohio. And this month, executions in the state ground to a temporary halt.

Young People Around the World Stage Mass Climate Change Protest

Friday’s Youth Climate Strike will see students from nearly 100 countries walk out of school to demand bold environmental action.

Eight Years Into Syrian Civil War, A Writer Reflects 

Marwan Hisham called for the end of the Assad regime. He could never have imagined what has transpired since.


Marisa Lagos

Carol Steiker 

Andrew Welsh-Huggins

Haven Coleman

Eric Holthaus

Marwan Hisham

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The Camp Fire Creates a Humanitarian Crisis

The Camp Fire Creates a Humanitarian Crisis

A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Northern California, where more than 10,000 families have lost their homes.

‘He’s a Champion’: The Lost and Found Pets of the Camp Fire 

When the Camp Fire roared through Paradise in Northern California, many had to leave their pets behind as they fled. Some lucky families have gotten them back. 

Democratic Sweep of Orange County Delivers Near Fatal Blow to the California Republican Party

Orange County had been the birthplace of modern American conservatism.

Neo-Nazis Infiltrate the U.S. Military in New PBS Doc

Incidents of hate crimes jumped 17 percent between 2016 and 2017.

At Soul Fire Farm, Agricultural Activists Work to Alleviate Racial Food Injustice

Soul Fire Farm is a people of color-led organization, serving communities outside Albany, New York.


Michelle Wiley

Mark Z. Barabak

A.C. Thompson

Soul Fire Farm

Laura and Chris Smith


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“We Had to Drive Through a Wall of Flames”: Escaping the Camp Fire

“We Had to Drive Through a Wall of Flames”: Escaping the Camp Fire

Four survivors of the devastating Camp Fire tell us their stories of escape and trying to forge ahead.

Director Steve McQueen on “Widows,” A Thriller Tailor-Made for 2018

“12 Years a Slave,” director Steve McQueen sits down with The Takeaway to discuss “Widows,” his new movie that balances an action-heavy plot with heavier themes.  

Tanzania Escalates Violence Against LGBTQ People  

Hundreds have fled a government crackdown on the nation’s queer community.

Theresa May’s 600-Page Plan to Save Brexit

Although British Prime Minister Theresa May has convinced her Cabinet to back her Brexit deal, she’s in for the fight of her life to do the same with Parliament.


Jason Douglas

Michael Bridges

Margaret Llamas

Miriah Williams 

Jessica Shelton

Steve McQueen

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Violence Against Transgender People is On The Rise

Violence Against Transgender People is On The Rise

Violence against transgender people is at record high levels. And local police often fail to provide justice.

Poverty in St. Louis is Exacerbated by an Affordable Housing Crisis

Over a quarter of city residents are living below the federal poverty line, where finding affordable housing is nearly impossible.

One Year After Wildfires Raze Northern California, Residents Look Back

One family lost everything, just barely escaping their home before flames engulfed the community.

There’s More Black Women Running in the Midterms, But They Face Bigger Hurdles

Black women running for office encounter outright racism and harassment, but also struggle more to gain funding and endorsements. 

“First Man” Tells a Story of American Exceptionalism. Is it Still Relevant in 2018?

Takeaway film critic Rafer Guzman and New York Times critic-at-large Wesley Morris dissect “First Man,” and explore whether the story of Neil Armstrong is still relevant in 2018.

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Inside the Fight to Reunite Families Separated at the U.S. Border

Inside the Fight to Reunite Families Separated at the U.S. Border

Around 500 children separated from their parents at the border, still haven’t been reunited, a month after the deadline for reunification.

California Abolishes Cash Bail as Advocates Voice Concern

California is the first state to completely replace cash bail with a pretrial assessment system — but criminal justice reform advocates were against the final measure. 

Court Rules North Carolina Congressional Maps Unacceptably Gerrymandered Again

This time North Carolina’s gerrymandering fight could have far reaching implications for the nation. 

Legal Marijuana: How Women Are on the Path to Dominate the Billion Dollar Industry

Gia Morón left her job on Wall Street to make sure black and brown women have a stake in the growing cannabis industry. She explains.


Lee Gelernt 

Senator Bob Hertzberg

Assemblyman Rob Bonta

Jonathan Kappler

Gia Morón

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What Happens to Young Children Torn From Their Parents?

The Takeaway speaks with Dr. Colleen Kraft, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, on the psychological toll separations at the border can have on young children’s developing minds. Plus, we discuss the massive California wildfires that have a common thread: in all but one, Cal Fire named Pacific Gas and Electric, the biggest utility in the state, as the cause of how it started; the lawsuit from 22 ovarian cancer patients and their families that alleges Johnson and Johnson cosmetic talc products led to their cancer diagnoses; how courts rule in cases where jurors display anti-gay bias. 

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American Icons: The Disney Parks

Generations of Americans have grown up with Walt Disney shaping our imaginations. We’ll tour Disneyland with its art director, a second-generation Imagineer, who explains why even the…

Studio 360

American Icons: The Disney Parks

Walt Disney didn’t just want a theme park — he wanted to create a scale model of a uniquely American utopia. 

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Gun Violence on Christmas, Judicial Vacancies for Trump, Drought in California and a Town Without Water

December 28, 2016:

1. John Kerry Rebukes Israeli Criticism (8 min)

2. Understanding Chicago’s Gun Violence  (6 min)

3. Trump Administration Could Have Lasting Impact on Courts  (4 min)

4. Ecological and Political Fallout from California Drought  (4 min)

5. A Water Crisis in the Dallas County Town of Sandbranch  (7 min)

6. First Ladies and First Daughters  (8 min)

7. Ralph Nader Diagnoses the Future of the Progressive Movement (11 min)