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This week in “Thanks, Internet” — floppy disk drive jams, MS Paint World Cup recaps, OK Go makes another masterpiece, farewell to funnies, and the most important six seconds of Summ…

VIDEO: Airplane from U.S. makes belly landing in Poland after landing gear fails

Spanish facing major changes as elections loom and Basque terror ends

Student visas pipeline for cheap foreign labor, say critics

Palestinian Americans wary of statehood bid

Gadhafi’s son accused of war crimes, mass killing in Libya

An eye witness says that Kamis Gadhafi, son of Muammar Gadhafi, personally oversaw mass killings outside of Tripoli.

Norway’s right-wing extremists have evolved

The targets of right-wing extremists in Norway have moved from immigrants to politicians.

Multiculturalism failed, say European leaders

European heads-of-state are openly questioning the wisdom of multiculturalism, a mainstay of European social policy for decades.

Strauss-Kahn case may collapse over doubts about accuser

Investigators have serious doubts about the credibility of the hotel housekeeper who accused Dominique Strauss-Khan of rape and sexual assault.

US suspends $800 million of military aid to Pakistan

The move is an effort to admonish Pakistan for expelling U.S. military trainers, and show disapproval for terrorist activities there.