San Salvador

Vendors sell images of President Nayib Bukele during El Salvador's election campaign.

Nayib Bukele’s popularity steers him toward an unprecedented second term as president of El Salvador


In El Salvador, the official results of Sunday’s presidential elections are still not in, but that didn’t stop President Nayib Bukele from declaring victory on social media — and he looks slated to win. He was up for reelection, in a country that doesn’t allow reelection in its constitution. Bukele is extraordinarily popular. But many say the future is concerning.

On May 1, two large marches weaved across San Salvador in commemoration of International Workers Day. 

El Salvador president’s popularity soars with controversial approach to crime

A young man is detained by the police, a suspect in a homicide near a market in San Salvador, El Salvador

El Salvador declares state of emergency amid killings

A bank machine is shown in a small building with blue lighting with two people sitting on a bench nearby.

Early stumble as El Salvador starts Bitcoin as currency

US border patrol apprehending migrants

As judge halts US ‘remain in Mexico’ policy, returned migrants wonder what’s next

several people with backpacks around a bus entrance. A young girl is held and looks toward the camera.

Trump’s aid cuts to Central American countries could total $700 million


The US government cut aid to Northern Triangle countries after President Donald Trump blasted the countries for sending migrants to the United States.

A group of migrants cross a shallow river and met with border agents in green uniforms.

Some Salvadoran migrants look to other nations for refuge as US tightens border


For some Salvadorans, the promise of the “American Dream” has been tainted by coordinated deterrence efforts from Mexico and the United States. They’re looking to places like Costa Rica for refuge — for now.

Nayib Bukele speaks at a podium.

Nayib Bukele: El Salvador’s young social media star — and next president

Global Politics

In El Salvador, where political corruption is rampant, a young mayor with presidential aspirations catapults to the top with one simple promise: he won’t steal.

Daniel Alemán wears a black shirt in a room with two paintings on the wall and a blurry bouquet of flowers.

The kids aren’t alright — when being young is a crime in El Salvador

Conflict & Justice

Innocent youth are getting swept up in El Salvador’s crackdown in their war on gangs. Daniel Alemán, 23, walked free after spending over a year behind bars on trumped-up extortion charges in El Salvador. Others are not so lucky.

Police interrogate a suspected gang member against a wall with his hands behind his head.

Will Trump continue Obama’s program to aid Central American teens fleeing gangs?


In December 2014, the Obama administration rolled out the Central American Minors Program, which gives young people the option of asking for US asylum while still in their home country.