A row of houses are shown from across a flooded street with water up to the front porch of one of the houses.

Hurricane Dorian bashes Bahamas, inches toward Florida coast

Slow-moving Hurricane Dorian pounded Grand Bahama Island on Tuesday and was forecast to come “dangerously close” to Florida’s coast by day’s end before drenching the US East Coast for the next several days.


One year later, remembering the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting

At 310 feet, Millennium Force at Cedar Point in Ohio is now the world’s seventh tallest roller coaster. It was built by the Swiss company Intamin, which has designed seven of the world’s top 10 tallest coasters.

Make American-built roller coasters great again!

This man has been the victim of cyber harassment.

Man ‘dies’ in terrorist attack, again and again and again

Seddique Mateen

Is there a link between being in the closet and being homophobic?


When an armed guard isn’t enough: Venues, clubs review security after Orlando


There were armed, off-duty police officers and bouncers at Pulse when an assailant carried out the worst mass shooting in modern American history, but there were no metal detectors, and the bouncers weren’t checking bags or patting people down, according to eyewitnesses.

Pulse Orlando Mass Shooting Vigil

Remembering friends lost in Orlando shooting


Many of the victims of this weekend’s shooting in Orlando were Latinos within the LGBTQ community.

Theo Moudakis/Toronto Star

Tears and ink: Cartoonists on Orlando

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Reaction to the tragedy in Orlando could be seen far and wide as mourning turned to outrage and then to a global standing in solidarity with the victims. Here is how several cartoonists reacted to the worst mass shooting in modern US history.

A candle light vigil in memory of victims one day after a mass shooting at the Pulse gay night club in Orlando, Florida, U.S., June 13, 2016.

In college, I didn’t know how to be me. Pulse helped me figure it out.


When you’re Latino and queer, like me, you’re often made to choose between different parts of your identity. Pulse made a concerted effort to be genuinely inclusive and safe for queer people of color.

A #OrlandoUnited sticker is pictured on a clergyman's shawl before a prayer service at a memorial chapel in Orlando, Florida.

What do we call the attack in Orlando? ‘Hate crime’ or ‘terrorism?’

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President Obama has called the attack at Pulse nightclub in Orlando both a hate crime and terrorism. Experts’ opinions differ.