A woman is shown holding back a curtain and entering a salon with painted over pictures of women on either side of the doorway.

UN warning of Taliban actions and impending humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

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Top of The World: The Taliban are increasingly under scrutiny over their promises of a different governance. And, North Korean officials said the country had successfully tested long-range cruise missiles over the weekend. Also, Peruvian officials are debating what to do with the body of Abimael Guzmán, the leader of the brutal Shining Path insurgency who died on Saturday.

President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, arrive to meet at the Villa la Grange, Wednesday, June 16, 2021, in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Biden and Putin both place a ‘high priority’ on cybersecurity, says presidential adviser after Geneva summit

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President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin are shown walking toward each other with their hands outstretched for a shake.

Biden and Putin begin face-to-face talks in Geneva

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Men in orange and yellow jackets lift a box of vaccines from COVAX off of a truck bed

Norway’s minister calls on others to follow his country’s lead in sharing COVID-19 vaccines

Greek and Cypriot flags flutter on poles on the left, as Turkish and Turkish Cypriot breakaway flags fly between minarets on the right

As Cyprus’ leaders convene for peace talks in Geneva, some Cypriots say ‘expectations are low’

Marion Koopmans (R)is shown holding a folded white paper and reaching out to shake the hand of Liang Wannian.

WHO draft report says animals likely source of COVID-19


A joint World Health Organization-China study on the origins of COVID-19 says that transmission of the virus from bats to humans through another animal is the most likely scenario and that a lab leak is “extremely unlikely,” according to a draft copy obtained by The Associated Press.

A demonstrator displays a picture of the defaced image of the commander in chief, Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing, also chairman of the State Administrative Council to protest against the military coup in Yangon, Myanmar, Feb. 17, 2021. The UN expert on human

UN Human Rights Council starts work to address a ‘pandemic of human rights abuses’

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Experts say that as the US rejoins the UN Human Rights Council, it should hold allies — and itself — accountable for human rights violations. 

Delegates, wearing masks, listen to speeches during the 45th session of the Human Rights Council, at the European UN headquarters in Geneva, Sept. 14, 2020.

At the UN review of US human rights, the Trump administration gets an earful

For the Trump administration, the UPR is a final chance for it to defend its policies — and “America first” attitude — to the global community. And while the Trump administration claims it has made gains in human rights, representatives from evaluating countries listed events which, they said, run counter to that narrative.

Medical staff use thermometers during checks for coronavirus (COVID-19) at the border crossing with Italy in Vrtojba, Slovenia, on March 11 , 2020.

World leaders must act so coronavirus won’t ‘overwhelm the systems,’ epidemiologist says


Despite medical experts and the WHO raising the alarm over coronavirus, world leaders — particularly in the Western world — must do more to show they are taking the threat seriously, says epidemiologist Marcel Salathé.

People are shown in all white medical protective gear and face masks while working on a medical supply line.

Geneva car show axed; coronavirus wipes $5 trillion off world markets


The rapid spread of coronavirus raised fears of a pandemic on Friday, with countries on three continents reporting their first cases and Swiss authorities cancelling the giant Geneva car show.