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As Detroit Schools Shut Down Water Over Lead Concerns, Contamination Points to a National Crisis

As Detroit Schools Shut Down Water Over Lead Concerns, Contamination Points to a National Crisis

Days before Detroit’s public schools opened for the school year, drinking water was shut off district-wide when test results showed elevated lead and copper levels.

Sexual Assault Allegation Against Brett Kavanaugh Could Derail Confirmation Process

We get the latest on how a sexual assault allegation could impact the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and hear from listeners on how they feel about the accusation.

Democratic Districts Under Scrutiny for Lucrative ICE Contracts

Left-leaning counties in New Jersey rely on millions of dollars from ICE to maintain the county’s jails. 

Young Puerto Rican Journalists Work to Tell Their Own Story

Almost one year since Hurricane Maria made landfall, we talk to a journalism student, at the University of the Sacred Heart, about the role of the media after the storm.


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Foxconn: Trump’s big win for American jobs?

July 27, 2017: Electronics giant Foxconn announced a factory that could bring thousands of jobs to the U.S. The Takeaway hears from a reporter on how big of a win this is for President Trump. Plus, the cost of transgender medical services, concerns from the disability rights community, and a look back at the Kerner Commission 50 years later. 

Executives meet at an IT Senior Management Forum gathering, a group that mentors senior African-American managers in STEM fields
Whose Century Is It?

Black Lives Rising (in STEM)

Great ideas come from diverse minds, and efforts to get more African Americans into cutting edge fields — science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine — are gaining ground, but with considerable challenges. How might efforts to increase this kind of diversity fare under a Trump presidency and beyond? Host Mary Kay Magistad explores.

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A Human Right? Detroit Cuts off Water to Thousands

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About 18 months ago, when the city of Flint started pumping toxic water into homes and businesses, the city of Detroit—just 70 miles down the road—was beginning widespread water shutoffs to tens of thousands of households with delinquent accounts.

Maureen Taylor is state chair of the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, where she advocates for the poor and helps them navigate Metropolitan Detroit agencies. She says that access to clean water should be a basic human right—a battle she’s lost in Detroit.