Chiang Mai


In Thailand, kickboxing is becoming more popular with women. Chiang Mai is at the leading edge.


Even if you managed to spot Pettonpung Gym from the road, you probably wouldn’t guess that it’s produced some of the most renowned female fighters in Thailand and that it’s been an integral part of making the nearby city of Chiang Mai the epicenter of female kickboxing in Thailand.


In northern Thailand, female prisoners are getting a second chance. Through massage.

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Meet the 17-year-old Thai boxer who literally fights to support her family.

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The darker side of Thailand’s sex industry: trafficking underage girls

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‘I didn’t think I’d be able to get pregnant the first time I had sex’

Chef Andy Ricker's new cookbook "Pok Pok" explores his travels in Thailand.

How a Thai mushroom keeps this award-winning chef on his toes

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There are some dishes you won’t find in Andy Ricker’s latest cookbook or on the menu of his restaurant, Pok Pok. And he’s okay with that. It keeps his gastronomic curiosity for Thailand fresh.

"Mint", 24, is a former sex worker, now working at NightLight, an organization that hires former prostitutes.

Groups ‘rescue’ Thai sex workers, whether they want it or not

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Under pressure by the US government and American evangelicals, the Thai government has stepped up raids to rescue sex trafficking victims. The trouble is, many of the “rescued” sex workers may not have been trafficked in the first place.

Shan refugees face uncertain road back to Myanmar

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Myanmar continues to reintegrate with the rest of the world, gradually opening up and loosening restrictions on its residents. But over its years of isolations, many thousands fled. Now, though, they’re not rushing to return, unsure what future awaits them.

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Magazine Available in Myanmar for the First Time

The Irrawaddy Magazine, which was launched by a group of exiles living in Thailand in 1993, will be available in Yangon stores for the first time this weekend.