Pastor Gábor Iványi, one of Hungary’s best-known religious leaders, stands in his office near a photograph.

This pastor officiated Orbán’s wedding. Now he’s one of his fiercest critics.

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Pastor Gábor Iványi is one of Hungary’s best-known religious leaders. He officiated over Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s wedding and baptized two of his children. Today, he is one of Orbán’s fiercest critics.

The Great Synagogue of Dohány Street in Budapest, Hungary.

‘Nothing Orbán says is by accident’: Jewish leaders in Hungary grapple with anti-Semitic tropes in politics

Sacred Nation
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban speaks during a panel discussion with a white blurry background.

Orbán portrays himself as a ‘defender of Christianity.’ Critics aren’t so sure.

Sacred Nation
Roma radio presenter Szandi Minzari and co-host Melanie Nagy are both divorced, single mothers who speak about taboo issues in Hungary's Roma community.

A new Roma radio station gets people talking about taboo issues in Hungary

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is shown wearing a blue suit and orange tie while speaking at a podium with two microphones.

Hungary’s parliament overhauls higher education amid outcry

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The statue by Hungarian artist Péter Szalay shows solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

Hungary artist’s BLM sculpture causes an uproar    

Human rights

The installation by artist Péter Szalay is a kneeling sculpture of the Statue of Liberty, illuminated in rainbow colors with her left hand raised in a fist. A tablet in her right hand says: “Black Lives Matter.” 


As Hungarian nationalism rises, is there room for Frida Kahlo’s art?

A right-wing pro-government newspaper has criticized a hugely popular exhibition of her work at the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest for “promoting communism.”

Richard Spencer

Poland’s right-wing nationalist government objects to visit by US white supremacist Richard Spencer


Poland’s foreign ministry has objected to a planned visit by US white supremacist Richard Spencer.

Hilda Tresz at the Rostov Zoo in Russia. Tresz works with zoos around the world to consult on animal welfare.

How to bring out the wild in zoo animals


Hilda Tresz of the Phoenix Zoo specializes in behavioral enrichment. It’s not about giving zoo animals toys, she says. It’s about giving them some control over their lives.

Hungarian women leave voting booths at a polling station during a referendum on European Union migrant quotas in Veresegyhaz, Hungary, on Oct. 2.

Not all Hungarians back their leader’s campaign against Muslim migrants

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In Sunday’s referendum, almost all Hungarian voters rejected EU quotas for resettling refugees across the 28-nation bloc. But little more than 40 percent actually voted — well below the threshold needed for the referendum to be valid. And some who did vote spoiled their ballot in protest.