Antakya’s Uzun Çarşı, a historic covered bazaar, was partially destroyed during the Feb. 6 earthquakes. Workers have cleared much of the debris from walkways and shopkeepers have reopened, sometimes directly across from piles of rubble.

In Turkey’s hardest-hit province, earthquake survivors adapt to a life without buildings

Natural disasters

Six months after twin earthquakes devastated southern Turkey and northern Syria, the residents who remain are carving out a life amid the rubble.

building that was destroyed

Life returns to Antakya, a city nearly leveled by earthquakes in southern Turkey

Natural disasters
A militant Islamist fighter waves a flag during in a military parade along the streets of Syria's northern Raqqa province.

Turkey tries to amp up its border security as the threat from ISIS rises

Protests in Derna

Game of Thrones is an amazing way to understand what’s happening in Libya

Tensions rising in Turkey over Syrian refugees

Syrian rebels try PR training to present more moderate face to western countries

As Syria’s civil war drags on into its 19th month, and with not an end in sight, Syria’s rebels are learning that in order to win, they might need to adjust the face they present the world. So they’re turning to some public relations training, in an effort to adjust the picture they’re presenting to the world.

Syrian Alawite defector lives life stuck between two worlds

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad bases his power on his Alawite minority. They make up a big portion of his Army and his government leadership. So, when an Alawite defects, he’s cast as an outsider from his own people, but also by the rebels, who don’t trust any Alawites.

Turkey’s only all-Armenian village a lens to the past

Turkey’s Vakifli Koyu is the only place in Turkey with a population that is only Armenian. The population is dwindling, but tourism and innovative agriculture have the residents hoping they can hang on just a little bit longer.

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As Syrian Refugees Flee into Turkey, Tensions with Local Community Rise

Conflict & Justice

The influx of Syrian refugees is taking a toll on the Southern Turkish town of Antakya, where many Syrian families and activists have settled.

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Syrian Rebels Beef-Up Their Public Relations Skills

Global Politics

In addition to honing their fighting skills, some of Syria’s rebels are working on their PR as well. They’re careful now to speak about a future Syria that is democratic and inclusive – to all religions and women.