The Internet Loves Star Wars More Than You Do

Unless you actually live in a galaxy far, far away, you’re probably aware that “The Force Awakens” is set to smash just about every box office record there is when it opens this week. We’ve waited ten long years for this latest Star Wars installment, and expectations have reached Death Star proportions. So we thought we’d ease the tension — and fan your fanboy or -girl flames — with a baker’s dozenof the best Star Wars themed art the internet has to offer. Because as much as you love Star Wars, the internet loves it more.

1. Darth Trump

It’s kind of shocking how much sense this makes.

2.The Chipmunks of Endor

Star Wars characters meet their match: chipmunks.

3.Stormtroopers Are Just Like Us

A recurring theme in Star Wars fan art is what thecharacters would be like if they ended up in our galaxy. According to Jorge Prez Higuera, Stormtroopers would have a pretty mundane existence.

4.Star Kitsch

Jeff Bennettmakes Thomas Kinkade paintings tolerableby adding Star Wars characters.

5.The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Vader

Kyle Hagey sends Darth Vader and crewon a much-neededvacation.

6.Star Wars Staples

Did You Hear That? (Multi-colored staples on painted board | 29 x 40 | 33,580 staples)

James Haggerty used 77,886 staples to make these Star Wars portraits. That’s a lot of staples.

Limbo (Multi-colored staples on painted board | 40 x 32 | 21,458 Staples)

The Side (Multi-colored staples on painted board | 40 x 32 | 10,496 Staples)

7.Small Wars

Breaking In the Tauntaun

Vesa Lehtimki uses LEGO figures and baking soda to recreate epic Star Wars scenes.

The Steps of a Walker

8.Play with Your Toys

Even R2-D2 has trouble parking

A lot of Star Wars figurines never leave the box theyshipped in, and, eventually, become worth an obscene amount of money. How boring. Daniel Picard’s collectibles will never reach their full monetary potential, but, as evidenced by his photographs, they are living their lives. Not unlike the rest of us.

9.Pop Art

If only this Han Solo Pop Tartwere edible, it would be perfect.

10.Victorian Wars

Chancellor Chewman, Baron von Three PO, and Lord Vadersworthlook right at home in the 19th century.

11.Go Greek or Go Home

Darth Resurrection

We idolize Star Wars, so it’s not surprising someone finally got around to turning the characters into marble statues of ancient gods.

12.Star Wars, Coming Soon to a City Near You


Imagine you spotted a tauntaun coming down the block. Or Darth Vader on the bus. In Thomas Dagg’s world, it could happen.

13.A Long Time Ago in a Museum Far, Far Away

David Hamilton gives famous works of arta Star Wars twist.

Got another favorite Star Wars art project? Tell us in the comments.

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