You might cheat on your wife, but cheating death tougher

An affair of the heart has new meaning after researchers found men who die during sex are more likely to be cheating, a new American Heart Association study says.

Published in the journal Circulation, the study analyzed 6,000 autopsy reports of people who died of sudden heart attacks. Less than 1 percent of those people died during sex; however, about 90 percent were men and three-quarters of them were cheating.

Prof. Glenn Levine of Baylor College of Medicine, who led the study, was researching how long heart attack sufferers should wait before having sex again.

While he found those who have recovered from mild heart attacks could hit the sheets with little risk of another attack (just talk with your doctor first), he also found the link to cheating.

“I would not blow this too out of context,” he said, The Daily Mail reported. “Without being sarcastic, I really can state that I have not had a patient who asked me about the cardiac risks of an extramarital affair.”

Part of the problem is stress. Cheating men are often in unfamiliar settings and they’ve often eaten big meals and had lots to drink, Global News reported.

Oh, and they’re with a younger woman.

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The study does have limitations. There’s little data on men who struggle to reach orgasm because of physical or psychological reasons.

“In attempting to achieve a climax, it is possible that such individuals may exert themselves to a greater degree of exhaustion with relatively greater demand on their cardiovascular system,” says the study.

Still, it’s an important conversation for doctors to have with their patients, said Chicago cardiologist Dr. Dan Fintel.

He told the Mail it’s the last thing he addresses with patients before discharging them from hospital.

“Resuming sexual activity is safe and emotionally part of the healing process, with a few caveats,” he said.

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