Yemen car bomb kills at least 26

A car bomb blast outside a presidential palace in southern Yemen has killed at least 26, including elite republican guards, and wounded many others, according to BBC News.

The attack appeared to be carried out by a suicide bomber and happened in Hadramout, reported Reuters, far from the capital city of Sanaa, where Yemen's new president, Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, took an oath of office today only hours before, according to Al Jazeera's Yemen live blog.

Al Qaeda reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack.

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After taking the oath, Hadi said in a speech that Yemen needs to start tackling pressing issues such as the country's economic problems and bringing those displaced by its crisis back to their homes, reported Lebanon's The Daily Star.

"If we don't deal with challenges practically, then chaos will reign," Hadi said during the speech.

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