West Africa: Clinton ends tour in Togo

NAIROBI, Kenya — Hillary Clinton has just finished a whistle-stop mini-tour of West Africa.

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She started in Liberia (known for: spectacularly nasty civil war, ex-president Charles Taylor, Nobel peace prize winning incumbent, great surf).

Then she went to Ivory Coast (known for: chocolate/slavery, nasty civil war, bad elections, Didier Drogba).

Her final stop was Cape Verde (known for: not really being in Africa, being the donors' darling, being an island).

And then there was Togo (known for: …).

To be fair Togo does have some distinguishing features.

It is incredibly skinny: squeezed between Ghana and Benin you can cross it by car in an hour. It is home to perhaps the world's unluckiest footballers as well as former Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor. And it is the newest member of the United Nations Security Council.

No prizes for guessing which of these was the decisive factor in Togo's inclusion on Clinton's itinerary.

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