Syrian hackers take down Russian government sites

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Syrian activists hacked into the websites of the Russian embassies in Singapore and India late Sunday, replacing them with screenshots from a video posted last week of young children killed in an alleged massacre in Homs.

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The attacks were a denial of service attack, one of the most common methods used to disrupt a website, according to a Syrian activist who spoke to the hacker behind the attacks. The Singapore site went down first, followed by the Indian site. The Indian site also posted the message in Arabic, Russian, French, German and Spanish, and linked to the group's Facebook page

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The text from the websites reads:

The Russian ammunitions are penetrating our children and women’s bodies publicly in all around Syria beside the moral support for Syrian regime in United Security Council disrupt any solution to protect the Syrian people from the dictator crimes, which supported by Russian regime. This makes the Russian regime a partner and instigator of the Syrian regime in killing children, destructing the economy, demolishing homes and looting of wealth! Looking at suffering Syrian streets, you will only see Russian arms everywhere from tanks, armed vehicles, and machine guns to Rocket-Powered Grenade and Kalashnikovs among hands of thugs and repressive sectarian groups. Where is the conscience of the Russian government in what is happening in Syria? Where are their values, history and civilization from all of these crimes in Syria which exceeded the Nazism?!
bomb hack

Russia, which has close ties to Syria, has promised to veto an anti-Syrian resolution in the United Nations Security Council. It abstained from a 

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