Somalia: 50 Cent does famine

NAIROBI, Kenya — 50 Cent was in Somalia this week on a World Food Program sponsored visit to Dolow, one of the places where people fleeing last year's famine have gathered.

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Yes, THAT 50 Cent, Curtis Jackson the rapper also known as Fiddy, the P-I-M-P who revels in his reputation as a crack-dealing gangsta who likes nothing more than to pop a cap in someone's ass before banging a couple of beeatches. Yup, that 50 Cent.

So what nuggets of wisdom did he bring us back from his visit to Somalia's perennial chaos?

Well, according to the Somalia Report website he was empathetic to the starving masses. "I am feeling what they are feeling," he said. Presumably someone forgot to give him the in-flight packet of nuts en route from Nairobi.

And after spending a few hours witnessing firsthand the suffering wrought by 20 years of war and hunger, he provided the following insight: "I am very sorry to see victims like this, particularly women and children suffering various problems." Right. Thanks.

Come on WFP, we understand the usefulness of 'Celebrity Partners,' but you can do better than this.

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