Occupy Wall Street running low on cash

NEW YORK – Occupy Wall Street could be out of cash within a few weeks.

A finance report shows the group that has railed against economic inequality had about $45,000 left in its main account as of March 2, according to the Associated Press.

Weekly donations to OWS have plummeted to about $1,600, a sharp contrast to the estimated $500,000 the group raised when it first took over Zuccotti Park in the weeks following Sept. 17, Reuters reported.

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The report posted on the group's General Assembly website said at "the current rate of expenditure" OWS will be "out of money in THREE WEEKS."

Since its inception, the group has received more than an estimated $730,000 in donations, according to the accounting group.

"The success of the movement has never depended on money," OWS spokesman Ed Needham told Reuters.

"Occupy Wall Street is about our abundant human resources – the creative talent, dedication and sweat equity of people here and elsewhere that have decided to stand up against a corrupt and unjust society run by a powerful elite few."

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Vounteer Pete Dutro told AP that OWS continues to organize and plans more protests this Spring.

A major march and rally to celebrate Occupy Wall Street's six month anniversary is slated for March 17, in New York City’s Zuccotti Park, where it all started.

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