Occupy DC faces camping ban after Monday’s noon deadline passes

The US Park Police began enforcing a camping ban in McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza on Monday in Washington. Occupy DC protesters must remove all signs of camping, including bedding and storage equipment or risk arrest, the Washington Post reported.

Instead of leaving, protesters erected a giant tent over the main statue in McPherson Square. 

The demonstrators are just a few blocks from the White House and, as of the early afternoon, there have been no arrests.

Several protesters accused police of using excessive force on Sunday after law enforcement subdued a protester in McPherson Square with an electric shock, according to the Post.

Demonstrators said the man was restrained by two police officers before a third used a stun gun on him. Police confirmed that someone had been subdued with a Taser and was arrested, but they gave no further details. A CNN crew witnessed the arrest.

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"Occupy DC will peacefully resist this politically motivated attempt to suppress the free speech of the disenfranchised 99%," the group wrote on its website. "[We] will defend the public space we have used as our center for activism."

Demonstrators have been camping out in McPherson Square since the beginning of October.

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Occupy DC is part of a the larger Occupy Wall Street movement that began last year in New York City protesting financial and economic inequality by targeting corporate elites.

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