At least 45 killed in latest Afghanistan avalanche

Deaths resulting from avalanches are continuing to climb in Afghanistan.

The latest avalanche in Afghanistan killed at least 45 people on Monday in a remote mountainous region in the eastern part of the country, Reuters reported

The avalanche is the latest in a string that have killed hundreds of people across Afghanistan in what has been the country's worst winter in 30 years. 

The latest avalanche blanketed 13 houses and blocked roads into a portion of the Nuristan province, preventing rescuers from reaching victims, Reuters said.

Less than a week earlier, an avalanche nearly wiped out an entire village in the Badakhshan province. Only seven of that village's approximately 200 residents are believed to have survived that avalanche, CBS News reported

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Last month, a five-kilometer series of avalanches in the Salang Pass, an area prone to avalanches, killed an estimated 166 people. 

"On just one stretch of the buried highway, at a place known as Pul-i-Khaki, the authorities had dug out 150 bodies, frozen in their final agonies," The New York Times said. The paper expected more victims would be found. 

Avalanches are not uncommon in mountainous areas of northern and eastern Afghanistan. Some parts of the country are so remote they can be shut off from the rest of the world for months at a time, according to Accuweather.

This year's winter, however, has been abnormally cold and snowy. 

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