Kenya News: Police make arrests after deadly Nairobi attack

NAIROBI, Kenya — Reports say Kenyan police have arrested four people in connection with Saturday night's multiple grenade attack on a busy bus terminal in the capital that killed at least 7 people and injured scores more.

On Monday morning the Kenya Red Cross said one of the 42 casualties admitted to hospital had died bringing the death toll to seven.

Kenyan authorities have blamed Somalia's Al Shabaab for the attack and although there has been no claim of responsibility it certainly bears strong similarities to two previous attacks in October when grenades were flung into a dingy bar and a busy bus stop killing one person and injuring dozens of others.

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Those bombings were blamed on Al Shabaab which threatened terrorist attacks after Kenya sent its army into southern Somalia in mid-October.

On Monday local newspapers reported that four people had been arrested. It remains to be seen whether Kenya's notoriously corrupt and ineffectual police force has got their men or whether they have simply rounded up the usual suspects, seizing whichever Muslims and Somalis were closest at hand.

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