Jack Nicholson photo used by Brazilian man on ID, arrested for trying to open bank account

SÃO PAULO, Brazil — Jack Nicholson's photo was used by Ricardo Sergio Freire de Barros, 41, on what appeared to be his government-issued ID, according to Brazilian news site UOL. Barros was arrested in a bank in Recife's Boa Viagem neighborhood while trying to open an account with the falsified document.

Barros had five other fake IDs on him when he tried to pass as the famous American actor, reported Pernambuco.com, but only the one had Jack Nicholson's photo on it. One thing he didn't try to do: use the Academy Award winner's name. João Pedro dos Santos was signed under the photo, and the ID was even stamped saying the holder was not an organ donor.

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The Brazilian man had already been under investigation by Civil Police in Recife for three months, according to NE10, and was finally arrested on Tuesday and charged with using fake documents and falsifying public documents.

Also confiscated with the fake IDs: 36 check books, four credit cards and various other falsified documents, including a statement of income for R$2 million ($1.178 million), reported Pernambuco.com.

Terra reported that the accused was questioned by police officer Erivaldo Guerra. He will be tranferred to Cotel Screening Center in Abreu e Lima, in Recife's metropolitan area.

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