Iran cleaning up after nuclear trigger test, AP says

Satellite photographs show Iran cleaning up at a test site that could link that country to a nuclear weapon’s trigger test, The Associated Press reported today.

AP cited information from three diplomats accredited by the International Atomic Energy Agency – who requested anonymity to discuss the sensitive matter.

The imagery shows heavy equipment and trucks hauling away material at Parchin, a military site. The diplomats said it could mean Iran tested an experimental neutron device that could only be used to trigger a nuclear explosion.

Meanwhile, the head of the IAEA said Iran isn’t telling its inspectors everything it needs to know, CNN reported.

IAEA director general Yukiya Amano said Iran may be concealing nuclear facilities it’s using for weapons production and testing.

“Iran is not telling us everything,” he said. “That is my impression. We are asking Iran to engage with us proactively, and Iran has a case to answer.”

As a result, the five-member UN Security Council and Germany – what’s referred to as P5 plus 1 – is expected to issue a new statement on Iran, Thursday.

“The statement underlines our concerns about Iran’s nuclear activities, including its uranium enrichment activities at Natanz and Fordow,” a western diplomat told CNN. “It calls on the director general of the IAEA to report back on Iran’s progress in fulfilling its obligations.”

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The five permanent members are the U.S., Great Britain, France, China and Russia.
At least one member of the Security Council balked at the move, Reuters reported.

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said Iran’s leaders have proved they aren’t interested in talking.

“I am a little sceptical,” he told French television. “I think Iran continues to be two-faced. … That’s why I think we have to continue to be extremely firm on (economic) sanctions, which in my view are the best way to prevent a military option that would have unforeseeable consequences.”

Iran continues to occupy world leaders.

Israel has threatened a pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, while western leaders are pushing for sanctions to make a further impact.

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