Egypt: Soccer riots kill at more than 70 (VIDEO)

At least 73 people have been killed following a soccer match between teams Al Masry and Al Ahly in Port Said, Egypt, after violence broke out when fans took over the field, CNN reported.

According to a security official, fans of the home team, Al Masry, rushed into the field after their team won 3-1 against Al Ahly, Egypt’s top team. Fans threw stones, fireworks and bottles at each other and even injured some players, the Associated Press reported. The BBC’s Cairo correspondent Jon Leyne said some fans took knives with them into the stadium.

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“This is not football. This is a war and people are dying in front of us. There is no movement and no security and no ambulances,” Abo Treika, an Al Ahly player, told the club’s television channel, Reuters reported. “I call for the premier league to be cancelled. This is horrible situation and today can never be forgotten.”

This is some of the worst violence seen at a sports match in Egypt in decades, the AP reported. According to the BBC, there was less security than usual in the stadium, which could have contributed to the level of violence.

A medic at the morgue in Port Said said some of those dead were security officers, the Daily Mail reported.

GRAPHIC: Dozens Dead in Egypt Soccer Violence

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Following the violence in Port Said, a game in the Cairo Stadium between the teams Al Ismailiya and Zamalek was canceled as a sign of respect, the Daily Mail reported. State television showed sections of the Cairo Stadium on fire and the announcer said Zamalek fans were protesting the game’s cancellation.

Egyptian fans are known to be extremely violent, especially Al Ahly supporters, the BBC reported. The newly-elected Egyptian parliament is set to hold an emergency session on Thursday and all premier league matches have been called off.

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