Cain-Colbert rally confirmed for Friday as comedian sees signs of rising support


Every time he thinks he's out, they pull him back in.

Herman Cain, the Godfather's Pizza magnate whose bid for the White House went up in flames amid a string of accusations of sexual misconduct, will appear in support of his own defunct campaign at late-night TV satirist Stephen Colbert's event — "The Rock Me Like a Herman Cain: South Cain-olina Primary Rally" — which is scheduled for Friday, according the The Daily News.

Colbert, who is originally from South Carolina claims to be exploring a presidential run just in his native state, will announce that he and Cain are "the same man."

Cain, who suspended his campaign early last month but still appears on the South Carolina ballot for Saturday's GOP presidential primary, spoke of himself in the third person, telling Fox411 that he approved of Colbert's latest devilry.

"On Stephen Colbert’s endorsement of himself as Herman Cain, I find it very clever and humorous, as it should be," Cain told Fox411. "Anyone who finds what Mr. Colbert is doing offensive, should simply lighten up. To be perfectly clear, I will not be assuming Stephen Colbert's identity. We are very different when it comes to the color of our – hair."

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According to Charleston's Post and Courier, the event is set for 1 pm at the College of Charleston.

Colbert has said his campaign in South Carolina will help determine if there is sufficient support for a Colbert presidency.

According to a Marist poll (PDF) released today, about 18 percent of potential voters in South Carolina said they were at least "kinda somewhat likely" to vote for Colbert. Fifty-six percent were not at all likely to vote for the satirist. (The poll was funded by Colbert's Super-PAC Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, which Colbert founded in June, according to ABC News.

South Carolina allows Democrats and independents to vote in its Republican primary but South Carolina's Democrats are not happy, according to Reuters, which said Colbert's Super-PAC had already spent $65,000 in the Palmetto State.

"The South Carolina Democratic Party… DOES NOT encourage people to vote in the Republican Presidential Primary," the party said in an e-mail quoted by Reuters.

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The local GOP are apparently amused.

"I'm enjoying watching it all," South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Chad Connelly told Reuters. "I like Stephen, he's a potential donor…. We'd love to have a huge voter turnout."

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