Buenos Aires train crash death toll now at 51 (VIDEO)

Recovery teams today pulled a 51st body from the wreckage of a Buenos Aires train crash that injured more than 700 Wednesday.

Reports confirmed it was the body of 20-year-old Lucas Menghini Rey, who became a symbol for those angered at the government’s perceived incompetence maintaining a long abused train system.

“Here the blame is shared between the company and the government that fails to control it,” commuter Andres Peralta told the Associated Press. “When a tragedy happens, those who govern don’t want to pay the cost, and don’t show their face.”

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Rey’s name didn’t appear on any lists of the injured or dead, which left his family frantic for information on his condition.

Angry family members and supporters chanted “throw them all out, not one should remain” during clashes with police at the Once station, the Buenos Aires Herald said.

Police evacuated the area after protesters began lighting fires and vandalizing the station.

The crash happened Wednesday when the train couldn’t stop and hit a barrier at 16 mph at the end of the line. Most of the injuries and fatalities occurred as the cars crumpled and smashed together.

According to the AP, rescuers had to untangle bodies of the dead and survivors.

The 28-year-old train conductor survived the crash, which happened during the busy morning rush. He’s under police guard in hospital, but he has not made any public statements.

After issuing a statement on Thursday and declaring two days of mourning, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has yet to speak publicly about the devastation. She traveled to her official residence and met with government officials.

“The government and people of Argentina give their solidarity and weigh the pain felt by the families of the victims,” de Kirchner’s statement said, CNN said

Memorials are scheduled for Argentina’s Government House and Olivos, the presidential residence, CNN said.

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