Bin Laden’s old compound destroyed in Pakistan

Pakistan is halfway finished demolishing the compound that housed Osama bin Laden until a raid by US commanders last May killed the Al-Qaeda chief,  the Associated Press reported

Authorities roped off the area on Saturday night and have already torn down half the three-story building in the northwestern town of Abbottabad, said AP.

A Pakistani military official told CNN on the condition of anonymity that the "action was taken to keep the compound from ever becoming a shrine for bin Laden's followers."

The bin Laden operation chagrined Pakistani authorities, who were not informed of the plan beforehand. 

More from GlobalPost: Video – the compound where bin Laden was killed

The incident revealed increasing mistrust between US and Pakistani authorities.

The US has criticized Pakistan for not cracking down on militants fleeing to the country from neighboring Afghanistan, a situation that complicated counterrorism efforts in Afghanistan. 

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