Life on the front lines: A view from James Foley’s camera


James Foley, an American journalist who reported for GlobalPost, cared deeply about the victims of war and the rights of people living under oppressive regimes. He was an old-school reporter, who traveled light, talked to the locals and put the story first.

Foley's execution at the hands of the Islamic State was made public on Aug. 19, 2014. His death followed nearly two years of captivity in Syria, during which time the Foley family and GlobalPost worked tirelessly for his release. He was kidnapped on Thanksgiving Day, 2012.

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Foley's conflict reporting — from Afghanistan to Libya to Syria — exemplifies the intrepid and selfless work of someone willing to risk his life so the world could understand the horrors of modern war.

This short video is a sample of his finest work for GlobalPost.

Watch the video reports in full below:

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