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Brexit: Brandan Reynolds, South Africa

British satirists are reacting to the Brexit vote with mostly dismay, doomsday scenarios — and a new head of hair ("leave" campaigner Boris Johnson's). But we wondered what cartoonists outside of Britain were drawing. A number of themes have emerged. 

1. David Cameron, you are so outta here!

Cartoon using Looney Tunes 'That's all folks' to describe how David Cameron will step down as British PM
David Cameron trying to stay inside the draw bridge before Britain closes up from the EU.

2. We're an island, we've always been an island, and darn it, we'll be just fine on our own, thank you very much!

Champagne bottle (the EU) explodes and the cork that flies off is Britain
Cartoon from Firoozeh Mozaffari of Iran
Britain shown as a bulldog, a familiar image for Britain as stubborn with a stiff upper lip, glowering at Europe across the English Channel.
A twist on the I'm king of the world' image from Titanic.. with Boris Johnson as Leo Dicaprio

3. Did I hear that right? You're actually leaving? What?

A man wears a t shirt that says 'Did you take leave of your senses?'

4. The idea that Brexit spells peril for the fate of the European Union. 

The circle of stars on the European Union's flag turn into a frowny face after Brexit vote
Britain pulls the plug on the EU and the whole EU may go down the drain as a result
The EU hands Britain its speedo bathing suit back.. Suit is UK flag.

5. Don't even think about it!

Britons who voted against Brexit show up on Australia's shores, again!

6. The Monty Python reference (via Barry Blitt)

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7. Brexit, schmexit! We know what this is really about.

A pot of tea (UK) steeping with tea bags that represent xenophobia and racism and the stench of Trump

Carol Hills runs The World's satire desk, as well as the Twitter feed @globalcartoons.

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