Do you care who ends up as US president?

Supporters of Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton cheer during a rally at West Philadelphia High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 16, 2016.

This year’s US presidential election will be historic. And whether you live in the US or not, your life is likely to be affected. Want to make your voice heard and have a great story to tell?

Join a select group of 400 people from the US and abroad, ages 18-34, who will put the ideas, issues and opinions of young adults front and center in the US election. You’ll be part of a global conversation and help lead The UnConvention, 10 weeks of social posting, radio and web coverage and live events organized by Public Radio International, Mic and 92Y in New York. 

You’ll be the first to share quizzes and polls testing what people know and think about issues. You may be featured in news coverage on the radio, on social or on stage. 

If this sounds fun and important, visit The Unconvention Facebook group page and let us know you are interested.

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