Color Me RBG

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All the Supreme Court headlines on your news feed have likely missed one (very important) story: aRuth Bader Ginsburg coloring book exists. It is free. It is printable. And it features images of the Notorious RBG dressed as a superhero, riding a unicorn, and flashing an upper arm tattoo

A Ruth Bader Ginsburg coloring page

Are you a child tired of taking crayons to kittens and flowers? My seven- and nine-year-old cousins learned about RBG while usingR-G-B to color in these drawings.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg artwork

Or perhaps you're agrown person who has finished the adult coloring book you got for Christmas. Now's the time to resharpen those colored pencils, because let me tell you, it is rare and exciting to feel like a fiercefeminist while coloring on the couch.

Thumbs up from Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The jury's still out on whether Ginsburg likes the coloring bookas much as she likes knowing she's called the Notorious RBG, but I wholeheartedly believe giving it a tryis a judicious use of time.

So go ahead: print one out, and try to do justice to this Justice.

A winking RBG
RBG takes a selfie
RBG rides a unicorn
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