Five Things You Had To See Online This Week

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This week in "Thanks, Internet" ---Barbie tears your instagrams apart, The True Size improves your geography, Hell's Club combines every single movie's club scenes, nihilism has never looked happier, and Ikea gets really punny.

1. Your Instagram Sucks

Did you ever think a Barbie doll would make you feel a little less authentic? Socality Barbiedoes a pitch perfect job of satirizing a certain self-congratulatory corner of Instagram. If her rapid rise to popularity means we'll see fewerfiltered photos of coffee art, bathtub legs, and sunset silhouettes, we'll all be indebted to her for some time.
Thanks, Tessa.

2. The True Size Of Everything

Maps are misleading! Scale is confusing! Things are finallybecomingclearer thanks to a website that lets you drag countries over other ones on a world map to see, you guessed it, their one true size. Canada remainsvery, very big. Good job, Canada.

3. Movies in da Club

Picture every club you've ever seen in every movie you've ever seen. Reimagine all those red hues and blue accents from Basic Instinct, Casino, Austin Powers, Blade, and Star Wars. Watch this video and marvel at the editing prowess and color correction. Now That's What I Call Supercut! Vol. I.
Thanks, Emile!

4. Nihilism X Happiness =

Our favorite new tumblr around the office is "Nihilisa Frank," where the colorful, sparkly optimistic animals of Lisa Frank meet impending death and nothingness. Sad? Sure, but pretty funny, too.
Thanks, Lynn!

5. Ikea At Its Best

Thanks, Nim!

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