Science Friday Introduces New Video Series, The Macroscope

Studio 360

Since 2008, Science Friday has produced hundreds of short videos detailing an enormous range of topics, from food physics, to galactic collisions, to cryptic octopuses. Our videos have never shied from exploring the nitty-gritty of scientific concepts and research, and they always highlight our conversations with scientists and innovators, presenting their stories in their own words. 

We're excited to continue connecting you with science stories that fascinate, inform, and inspire. That's why we're thrilled to announce a new way to experience our videos: "The Macroscope," an online science series with a unique cinematic angle. Whether you're a PhD or total novice, The Macroscope will change the way you see scientific research. Through fictional and documentary film-making approaches, we'll bring you true stories from a wide field of scientists and innovators, focusing our lens on their discoveries and investigations. Short in form yet rich in details, The Macroscope is real science in one reel.

And what better way to leap into our new video series than by taking a first step off the ledge? In The Macroscope's debut video, Babies on the Brink, we'll look at how one developmental psychologist has dispelled the myth that humans naturally learn to fear heights as infants. And for more from The Macroscope, subscribe here!