We asked and here’s the name you picked for the newest, and possibly, cutest addition to the Franklin Park Zoo

Isodoro the ocelot picks Germany to win the World Cup.

Before the World Cup started, we at The World thought it might be a fun idea to have an animal pick the winners.

Like many around the globe, we were all fans of Paul the Octopus who nailed every Germany match, and the final in the 2010 World Cup in Germany.

We thought about animals. Jaguar. Turtle. Bear. Bobcat.

Eventually, we sought the help of the Franklin Park Zoo. They gave us the answer: Isidoro, or Izzy for short.

He's a Brazilian Ocelot. And thoughout the tournament our four-legged friend picked the matches played by the US National team. He started off slow, missing his first two picks. But soon he figured out the teams and the games and nailed his next three matches, including the eventual final: Germany over Argentina.

But, picking World Cup teams is just one of the things Izzy is busy doing at the zoo. He's also part of the Brazilian Ocelot Species Survival Plan, which was developed to maintain a genetically diverse and demographically stable captive ocelot population. He has been in Boston since 2003.

Izzy has fathered four kids with his mate, PJ, since coming to the zoo: A girl and three boys. The newest one, a girl, makes five. Franklin Park turned the name of the new kitten over to The World's listeners.

So what names did you come up for a baby ocelot?

Here were the finalists: Dora, Duchess, Nico, Maya, Brazilia, Fifario, Fifa, Mia, Brazimba, Babou and Shefali. 

In the end. KPCC listener Laura Thompson of Pasadena, California, submitted the winning name: Maya.

"It's my daughter's name," she says. "She's 9-years-old and she is an avid big cat, all cat, any cat, aficionado."

Thompson says she is thrilled to have a baby ocelot named after her daughter.

"I'm so happy for her and I'm so happy for the kitten. Maya is a beautiful name and it means 'mother of all creation,' which is a great name for any cat."

Thompson adds it's also inspired by someone you probably know: Maya Angelou. That's all we'll see from Izzy until the World Cup return in 2018. We're thinking he'll nail every pick after his strong showing this year.

By that time, his daughter Maya might be up for picking teams too.

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